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Augustine scholars and educators have prepared teaching documents for the first 10 books of Augustine’s Confessions. These templates each focus on a specific passage, and provide suggestions for out-of-class assignments and in-class discussions. Useful for students and teachers of Augustine’s Confessions, each template  integrates with the unique in-app features of the Confessions App Book.

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Book 1 - Augustine's Invocation of God

Augustine opens with an invocation of God, revealing his unquiet heart, and raising a central paradox in the act of confession: do we call upon God in order to know God, or must we know God before we can call God? View PDF

Book 2 - Augustine's Pear Tree Incident

Augustine recalls his experience stealing pears as a youth, plumbing the depths and complexities of his motives through confession. View PDF

Book 3 - Augustine's Taste for Drama

Augustine questions the pleasure he gets by suffering through watching tragedies that show the grief of others. View PDF

Book 4 - Augustine’s Grief Over the Death of a Friend

Augustine recalls his grief after the death of a friend. He questions his motives for grieving, and examines the beauty and perils of friendship. View PDF

Book 5 - Augustine Encounters Ambrose

Augustine earns a teaching post in Milan, meets Bishop Ambrose for the first time, starts to question his uncertainty about the Catholic religion. View PDF

Book 6 - Augustine and the Drunken Beggar

Augustine, in deep doubt over his secular ambitions, encounters a drunken beggar on the streets of Milan. He reflects on this encounter in terms of happiness and prosperity. View PDF

Book 7 - Augustine and the “Books of the Platonists”

Augustine, still struggling with the truth of the Christian faith, comes upon “some books of the Platonists” that transform his view of God. View PDF

Book 8 - Augustine’s Tolle Lege Moment

Augustine recalls his experience in a garden in Milan overhearing a children’s game as he wept over his sins, and how it led him to open the Bible once again. View PDF

Book 10 - Augustine’s Memory of the Happy Life

Having searched through the caverns of his memory for God, Augustine finds there and interrogates the universal desire for happiness. But if everyone wants to be happy, not everyone finds it in the same place; why is that? View PDF